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Material Madders Mini Bundles
One piece of each Material Madders print.
Perfect for your next small project.
20 pieces – 9” x 10 ½”
Supplies are limited
$18.00 each

Sold Out

Temecula Quilt Co Curated Bundles and Scraps

I love making scrappy quilts and having a good supply of
wonderful scraps is important. Sometimes your scrap basket
needs a little freshening up. Curated TQC bundles are perfect.

Please keep in mind that my bundles are cut using primarily my prints from Marcus Fabrics.
  If you buy multiple size bundles, you will receive repeat pieces of the same prints.

TQC Curated Bundles
23 - 1/6 yard pieces - 6” x 42”
4 yards total

$38.00 ea.
Repro Rolls
12 - 1/4 yard pieces - 9” x 42”
3 yards total

$35.00 ea.

Curated Fat Quarter Bundles
6 Fat Quarters - 18” x 22”
1 ½ yards total

$21.00 ea.

Mixed Mini Bundle Temecula Quilt Shop Scrap Bag Fat Eighth Bundles
Mixed Mini Bundles
A curated mix of great prints
perfect for your next little project.
16 pieces – 9” x 10 ½”

$14.00 ea. 
Shop Scraps
Freshen up your stash
with a bag of scraps.

$6.00 each
Scrappy Fat Eighth Bundle
A collection of light, medium and dark fabrics perfect for a scrappy quilt
24 - 11" x 18" pieces

$45.00 ea.

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Patterns | Kits & Bundles | Fabric | Favorite Things
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